Word from the Director

Professor Hassani Messaoud

The Automatic Signal and Image Processing Research Laboratory (LARATSI; Code LR13ES13) was officially created in May 2013. It constitutes a natural evolution of the Research unit which bears the same name and which started in 2003. During all of the years over the past years, the laboratory has supported 49 doctoral theses, of which 07 were prepared jointly with foreign laboratories, 08 authorizations and 27 research masters.

He has contributed to enriching the national and international research bibliography by publishing more than 173 indexed and impact-factor scientific articles. Likewise, the laboratory was present in several scientific events both inside and outside the country and more than 159 papers were presented.

The laboratory also inaugurated its own international conference entitled "International conference on Control, Automation and Diagnosis" (ICCAD) which started its first session in January 2017 in Hammamet in Tunisia to be held in Marrakech in Morocco the following year before installing for three successive years in France between Paris and Grenoble.

The themes dealt with in the laboratory revolve mainly around the identification and control of industrial processes, diagnostics, event systems as well as signal and image processing.

The applications are varied, in particular in the medical, industrial and other fields.

I would like to thank all the research colleagues in the laboratory for the efforts made to supervise the students. I congratulate all the doctoral students who have marked their visits to the laboratory and for the results obtained which have greatly contributed to the increase in the visibility of the laboratory as well as to its influence both within the university and socio-economic background level.