Articles Année 2020

  1. Liouane, Z., Lemlouma, T., Roose, P., Weis, F., & Messaoud, H. An intelligent knowledge system for designing, modeling, and recognizing the behavior of elderly people in smart space, Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing. (IF4.594)
  2. Dinh, T.N., Marouani, G., Raïssi, T., Wang, Z., & Messaoud, H. Optimal interval observers for discrete-time linear switched systemsOptimal interval observers for discrete-time linear switched systems. International Journal of Control. 93(11), pp. 2613-2621. (IF2.780)
  3. Marouani, G., Dinh, T.N., Raïssi, T., Wang, X., & Messaoud, H. Unknown input interval observers for discrete-time linear switched systems. European Journal of Control. (IF1.54)
  4. Hamdi, M.Messaoud, H., & Bouguila, N. A new approach of electrical appliance identification in residential buildings. Electric Power Systems Research, 178, 106037. (IF3.211)
  5. Gharsellaoui, S., Mansouri, M., Harket, M-F., Trabelsi, M., Shady S, R. & Messaoud, H. Interval-Valued Features based Machine Learning Technique for Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Uncertain HVAC Systems. IEEE Access.Volume 8, pp. 171892-171902. (IF4.64)
  6. Gharsellaoui, S., Mansouri, M., Refaat, S.S., Abu-Rub, H. & Messaoud, H. Multivariate Features Extraction and Effective Decision Making Using Machine Learning Approaches. Energies 2020. 13(3), Article number 609.(IF2.702)
  7. Gharsellaoui, S., Mansouri, M., Trabelsi, M., Refaat, S.S., & Messaoud, H. Fault diagnosis of heating systems using multivariate feature extraction based machine learning classifiers. Journal of Building Engineering. Volume 30, Article number 10122. (IF3.379)
  8. Fezai, R., Abodayeh, K., Mansouri, M., Kouadri, A., Harkat, M. F., Nounou, H., Nounou, M., & Messaoud, H. Reliable fault detection and diagnosis of large-scale nonlinear uncertain systems using interval reduced kernel PLS. IEEE Access, Volume8,  78343–78353,  Article number  9076626.(IF4.64)
  9. Fezai, R., Mansouri, M., Abodayeh, K., Nounou, H., Nounou, M., & Messaoud, H. Partial kernel PCA-based GLRT for fault diagnosis of nonlinear processes. Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy systems. 38(4), pp. 4829-4843. (IF1.851)
  10. hajji, N.Maraoui, S.Bouzrara, K. Robust distributed nonlinear model predictive control via dual decomposition approach based on game theory, Journal of the Franklin Institute357(12), pp. 7680-7695. (IF4.036)
  11. Neffati, S.Ben Abdellafou, K.Taouali, O. & Bouzrara, K. Enhanced SVM-KPCA method for brain MR image classification, Computer Journal,  63(3), pp. 383-394. (IF1.077)
  12. Maraoui, S.Bouzrara, K. Parametric identification of linear systems using AutoRegressive with eXogenous input model expansion on Meixner-like orthonormal bases, Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control, 42(2), pp. 306-321. (IF1.649)
  13. Hammami, D.E.H.Maraoui, SBouzrara, K.  Nonlinear distributed model predictive control with dual decomposition and event-based communication approach, Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control, 42(15), pp. 2929–2940. (IF1.649)
  14. Dhibi, K., Fezai, R., Mansouri, M., Trabelsi, M., Kouadri, A., Nounou, H., Nounou, M. N & Bouzrara, K. Reduced Kernel Random Forest Technique for Fault Detection and Classification in Grid-Tied PV Systems. IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 10(6), pp. 1864–1871, 9158007. (IF3.052)
  15. Dhibi, K., Fezai, R., Kouadri, A., Harkat, M.-F., Nounou, H., Nounou, M. N & Bouzrara, K. A Hybrid Approach for Process Monitoring: Improving Data-Driven Methodologies with Dataset Size Reduction and Interval-Valued. IEEE Sensors Journal, 20(17), pp. 10228–10239, 9082693. (IF3.073)
  16. Mansouri, M., Fezai, R., Trabelsi, M., Hajji. N., Harkat, M.F., Nounou, H., Nounou, M.N. & Bouzrara, K. A Novel Fault Diagnosis of Uncertain Systems Based on Interval Gaussian Process Regression: Application to Wind Energy Conversion System. IEEE Access, Volume 8, 9276468, pp. 219672-219679. (IF3.745)
  17. Abdellatif, A.Jabeur Telmoudi, A.Bonhomme, P., & Nabli, L. Minimum Initial Marking Estimation of Labeled Petri Nets Based on GRASP Inspired Method (GMIM). Cybernetics and Systems,  51(4), pp. 467-484. (IF1.433)
  18. Kmimech, H.Telmoudi, A.J.Sliman, L., & Nabli, L. Genetic-based approach for minimum initial marking estimation in labeled petri nets, IEEE Access,  8, pp. 22854-22861, 8962088. (IF3.745)
  19. Lajmi, F.Ghabi, J., & Dhouibi, H. Applying interval Fuzzy petri net to failure analysis. International Journal of Service Science, Management, Engineering, and Technology,  11(1), pp. 14-30. (IF0.06)
  20. Achbi, M.S, Achbi, M.S, Mhamdi, L., Kechida, S., Dhouibi, H. Methodology to knowledge discovery for fault diagnosis of hybrid dynamical systems: Demonstration on two tanks system. Diagnostyka, 21(4),  115–122. Scopus
  21. Mhamdi, L., Achbi, M.S, Kechida, S., Dhouibi, H. Diagnosis of hybrid systems through bond graph, observers and timed automata. Diagnostyka, 21(3), pp. 113-125. Scopus
  22. Abid, W., Krifa, A., & Liouane, N. Neural observer-based small fault detection and isolation for uncertain nonlinear systems. International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processing. 34(5), pp 677-702. (IF2.116)
  23. Messous, S., Liouane, H., & Liouane, N. Improvement of DV-Hop localization. algorithm for randomly deployed wireless sensor networks. Telecommunication Systems. 73(1), pp 75-86. (IF1.734)
  24. Blaiech, H., & Liouane, N.  Recursive Identification Based on OS-ELM for Emotion Recognition and Prediction of Difficulties in Video Games. Studies in Informatics and Control, 29(3), pp 337-351.  (IF 2.102)
  25. Messous, S., & Liouane, H. Online sequential DV-HOP localization algorithm for wireless sensor net works. Mobile Information Systems.Volume 2020, Article number 8195309. (IF2.13)
  26. Bacha, S., Taouli, O., & Liouane H.  KELM-KPCA Method for COVID-19-induced Pneumonia Detection. WSEAS Transactions on Information Science and Applications, 17 : 166-171.(IF0.38)
  27. Adaily, S., Mbarek, A., & Garna, T. A new multimodel approach by Laguerre filters on sliding window for nonlinear system identification and control. Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control. 42(12), pp 2234-2253. (IF 1.649)
  28. Njima, C. B., & Garna, T. PIO output fault diagnosis by ARX-Laguerre model applied to 2nd order electrical system. IEEE Access, 8,  83052–83061, 9079489. (IF 3.745)
  29. Yousfi, M., Njima, C.B, & Garna, T. Decentralized nonlinear robust control for multivariable systems: Application to a 2 DoF laboratory helicopter. Acta Polytechnica Hungarica, 17(5),  27-48. (IF 1.219)

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